Queen City Texas

A Place You Can Call Home

City Administration

Mayor Harold Martin- Mayor Martins goal for the City is to Grow and promote businesses in the area. He has strived to work with citizens and business owners to promote a safer and cleaner place to live for those who wish to live and move to Queen City.

City Secretary- Vickie L. Ray strives to maintain budgets and issues building permits. Vickie is the life line of the City and holds  a very important position. She assists the Mayor in managing all of the City employee's.

Chief of Police- Robert W. McGee strives to obtain voluntary compliance from all citizens so that each and every person in Queen City may live the safest and most comfortable life style in this area. With fair and equal enforcement of the Laws this may be obtained.

Works Department Director - Tyler Johnson manages the street and water departments. This person  has a huge responsibility in keeping streets, water and sewer working for the entire city.  He has worked with the City since 2011.

We all realize that we are only here at the pleasure of the public we serve and invite each of you to share your thoughts with us.

Queen City, Texas Economic Development Corporation